Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Fabulous and Fit!

We have really been keeping fit recently. We have danced to lots of Zumba and we have even started doing work out videos as a treat when we work extra hard! We learned in Science that it is so important to keep fit and healthy. We always have super healthy lunches each day but it is also so important that we get moving and focus on our fitness. We do PE twice a week including our new GAA class on a Thursday morning. As well as this we love to dance and learn new exercises. Here we are doing what we love!

Fabric and Fibre People!

We had so much fun working with Fabric and Fibre in Art.  Some of us feel that we would make fantastic Fashion Designers some day! We started out by colouring the outline of a person. Then, we cut them out and stuck on pieces of fabric to imitate clothes. Some of our creations are super stylish! To display our work, we gave our people a 3D life like position on the wall. We hope you like our work!

Picasso Faces!

We had so much fun learning all about our new favourite artist Picasso.  We laughed so much when we saw examples of the funny faces that he is so well known for.  We got so inspired that we decided to create our very own version of his work.  We hope you like it! Check it out.....

First Class Friends!

Here in Room 8, we are all the very best of friends. So much so that we decided to make our very own 3D Friendship Tree. We are all on this journey together, growing like the branches of a tree and becoming wiser and better people each day.  Our hand prints are the leaves of this tree. We hope you like it. It means so much to us and we look at it each day to remind us of the bond we share with one another.